Where Did The Year Go?

 Hello 2024! 

Well 2023 feels like a lifetime ago, but also like we blinked and it was over. It was a big year of change for Stemhouse Floral Studio, as well as for both of us personally. 2023 felt scary, and trying at times, but also brought more laughter and joy than either of us could have imagined!

In 2023, we had the absolute privilege of being a part of so many amazing couples' special days, featured at the Calgary Bridal Expo, won the Business Innovation Award, and moved locations!

However, we also felt the impact of a post Covid economy, as prices continued to rise in every aspect of life, we (like every small business owner) had to navigate the challenges that were presented to us and out of our control, while still trying to ensure that our products were easily accessible to everyone. 

It was a year of many unpredictable twists and turns, and we honestly could not have got through it without the continual support of you, Fernie, our amazing community. As we sit here and reflect on the year that's passed, we are overwhelmed and humbled by how our community not only trusted us with some of their happiest moments, but also in times of grief and loss. We both chose to set down roots in Fernie, because we loved the community "vibe", and we can honestly say that we feel it more and more each day.  Thank you Fernie!

Now, we are well and truly into 2024, in our new location, and honestly couldn't be more excited for what 2024 holds. When we first started discussing "trading spaces" with the talented Karey from SOCO Soaps, I don't think either of us were prepared for how quickly the move had to take place in order to get ready for a crazy Christmas season, but somehow (with a lot of help from family and friends) we successfully swapped spaces and were able to open in time for the holidays! 

One question we've been gettin a lot is "why did you move locations? Well, around christmas of 2022, we really started to feel that we needed more work space for production and events (especially weddings and holiday parties).  Our vision for Stemhouse, was for it to always be our studio/our workspace. A place where you could come in and be a part of the creative experience. Our new location has already allowed us more work and storage space, as well as the ability to host many different workshops over November and December, which were so much fun! (Stay tuned for more workshops/private party options in 2024).

So, all of that to say, here we are, in 2024, reflecting, projecting, and planning for another year that we can't wait to share with you! 


Until Next Time,


Katlyn & Kealy AKA The Stemheads

Stemhouse Floral Studio


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