Hello, and welcome to the Stemhouse Floral Studio Blog! We will be adding blog posts regularly with all things flowers and plants, including how to make your fresh cut flowers last longer, proper plant care, seasonal flowers and design trends, and real weddings!

But first, let’s introduce us, and let you know a little bit about who we are, what we do, and why we do it! We are Katlyn and Kealy, co-creators and owners of Stemhouse Floral Studio, AKA The Stemheads. Our studio space is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in downtown Fernie, B.C.


We first met in 2020 in Banff A.B. where we were both working as designers at Banff Mountaintop Flowers (if you’re ever in Banff make sure you check them out).  Within the first week of working together we discovered that we both shared the same dream, opening a florist in Fernie.  As the cliché saying goes, "the rest is history", here we are, we joke that we’ve been inseparable ever since (it’s funny because it’s true, seriously, we even lived together for a while). We will spare you the resume/qualification details, but if you’re interested be sure to check out our bio on our website.



So, why flowers? Well, we have a passion for flowers, and believe that flowers are for everyone. It has been proven that having flowers and plants in your home or workspace can improve mood, memory, and energy. We believe that flowers can bring joy, offer comfort, celebrate love, and say all that needs to be said when words aren’t enough.

We feel extremely blessed to be living in the town we love and seeing our dream come to life. We are so incredibly thankful for this community and for all the support we’ve received!

We cannot wait to share more with you through our blog posts, social media platforms, and in person in the studio!


Until next time,

Katlyn & Kealy


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